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Committed to Finding the Best Coverage

  • Most competitive up to 35% Schedule Discounts 

  • Actuarial Review 

  • Maximized Cash Flow

  • Expert Coverage

  • Nation’s Loss Control and Safety Engineers 

  • Leading Manage Care

  • Return to Work Credentialed and Highly Trained Medical Providers

  • Dedicated Customer Service

  • Proven Claims Service

  • Reliable Payroll Service

What The Workers' Compensation Center Offers

  • Premiums in 2OO,000 to 10 Million 

  • Premiums over 100.000

  • Premiums under 100.000

  • The Nations Best of the Best 

  • Nation’s Largest Worker Compensation Company 

  • Ranked # 1 by JD Power and Associate 

  • The Nations Leader and Award winner, Best in technology 

  • The nation’s Beat and Largest Small Business Insurance company 

  • Nations Best Managed Care 

  • Nation's Best Safety and Loss Control Professionals, including High Level of Managed Care Professionals 

  • Inside Pharmacy Reduced Cost 

Strategic Partnerships

Welcome to The Worker's Compensation Center!

Protecting those that depend on us!

Only representing the nations, strongest financially positioned insurance companies

About The WC Center

The Workers Compensation Center is a division of Ramsgate Insurance, Inc and Ramsgate Insurance Brokerage, NY and CA servicing Business Owners and Independent Agencies and Brokers nationwide providing client access to the Nation's leading workers compensation companies and independent service providers.


Founded in 1987, The Worker's Compensation Center offers the highest level of client services operating nationally with offices in Texas, Florida, New York and California. The Worker's Compensation Center offers insurance solutions for larger complicated risks, including Construction, Transporation/Trucking, Agricultural, Oil Field, Manufacturing, Governmental, USL&H and much more. 


The Worker's Compensation Center provides competitive programs for employers regardless of size including hard to place due to high experience mods factors or claims.  Our carriers offer rate reductions for the safety conscious employer who maintains a safe work environment. 

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